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We understand that every business is different and there's not a one-size fits all solution - which is why we take time to understand the particulars of the business, the people and the culture as well as the current technical tools already in place.  

We are match makers...  Every industry and business has its own requirements and challenges -- and every technical consultant, CTO, CIO, Products, Scrum Master is different.  We target companies that we know will benefit with enormous returns on investment, or we don't take the business on as a client...  

What's the value gained by improving the efficiency of a technology team or teams?

What's the value of helping identify new software that will save 2 hours of labor every week?


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Technology is constantly changing, and it's important that every organization be getting technical advice outside of the company to help ensure the right people, processes, and tools are in place to drive your business forward.  Know you need help but not sure where to start?  Book a free thirty minute consultation to see if we can help with your particular situation.  We have a team of experts on call at your disposal.



A day off in England!

A day off in England!


Ian McManus

Ian has managed and overseen technology projects with retailers and suppliers along various supply chains, but most notably in Retail, Account Receivable and Collection, Food Service, Packing, and Delivery including Fleet Management.

He has knowledge of the business paradigms and key performance indicators needed to be successful in these businesses and how various technology solutions, personnel and organization structure can be optimized for increased profitability and performance.  

Ian is not only able to apply his technical know-how, he has also developed skills in areas of marketing, usability, management, and general business acumen to make him the ideal consultant in today's competitive business environment.  



BA Computer Science with Honors
Gustavus Adolphus College 2001



Agile Development - Scrum Training, Product Owner Training, Scrum Master Training, Building Successful Teams

Outsourcing - how and when to do it, vetting companies, driving to success with process and culturally aware communication style

Recruitment  - creating candidate profiles and recruiting the talent

Management and Process - having the right structure means using proven processes for communication, code review, quality control, testing, deployment, and documentation.  Often management training or management recruitment is needed and Ian can help with this.  

Experience & Achievements

• CTO of FoodBam and DiningAlliance - managed team to build e-commerce platform for restaurant food delivery, built tools for distributors and suppliers across the foodchain

• Co-Founder and CTO of ClickDebt, a UK SaaS debt collection and workflow management software -- company now expanding internationally

• Built web development business up to over 200 clients of mostly e-commerce and restaurants before selling business in 2009

• Co-founder and CTO of FreshRealm - built e-commerce software for Fortune 500 company with small team, delivery management tools, packing and shipping software to handle the intricacies of fresh food delivery.  Partnered  Renaissance Food Group on data integrations with copackers and picknpack locations.  


• Happiness at Work, Meditation, Chess, Tennis, Yoga