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    Hello everyone, I've been using this site for a little while now to practice gesture, but never really thought about sharing my work for critique. My drawings have never satisfied me, so I thought some external advice would be necessary. Regarding specific concerns, I feel the way I portray volume and masses is really bad.

    I'll provide a google drive link to the drawings from the last session I had. Sorry if the paper is see-through, I use old office paper to practice on.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Great job, KhasDrake, nice range on your drawing skills. I love the 10 minute drawing, but I love the 30-second ones so much.

    However, I've got one tiny advance: I completely adore the cartooniness and expressiveness of the 30-second warm-ups, why don't you please do 52 more minutes of 30-second figure studies????

    Why? Because, it'll make your body sketches more easier in looks and appearance, while at the same time, make your sketches fuller of vitality, spirit and energy.

    Hope you'll find this completely and absolutely useful and practical.

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