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Software Consulting and Implementation

Phase 1: Consulting

First we need to understand the goals - e.g. perhaps you feel you need a new CRM / Accounting / ERP / Collection system.  By first helping document all of the business processes that will interact with the system we can help make sure we understand all of the business requirements. This first phase is the critical, as understanding the needs of what the system must do (and have a list of must haves / nice to haves) is a great first step.  

Phase 2:  Vetting

Every year more and more software companies enter the market to fill gaps in the market so often the newest ones could be the best for your company -  we just need to find them.  Once the requirements are well documented we help find 3-5 vendors that we feel could be best suited for the project.  We get demos, quotes, and create a matrix of which ones are satisfying what requirements.  We get references and talk to their customers and we create a full report before making any recommendations.  

Phase 3: Implementation

Many consultants will leave you on the last phase on your own, but as an optional service we can do the implementation for you as well.  With our technology co-operative structure, not only do our current consultants have a wide breadth of implementation expertise - it is easy for us to recruit and find technologists that will join on a project basis so that we can ensure the implementation goes smoothly.